Environmental Friendly Production

Our Environmental Policy

It is an integral part of our work to take the necessary precautions to reduce our negative impacts on environment for all kinds of activities for a sustainable future.

All local and national laws and regulations regarding the environment shall be complied with and acted in accordance with Sada Tekstil’s international recommendations.

While the projects related to the product and process are being prepared, the pollution is tried to be prevented in the source by considering the environmental effects.

Measures are taken to reduce solid, liquid and gaseous wastes generated during our activities and reuse or recovery facilities are tried to be applied.

In the event of an accident or emergency that may occur during the course of our activities, measures to minimize environmental damage shall be planned and implemented.

All our employees are made aware of environmental success and they are trained to gain individual responsibility.

Collaborating with national and local government agencies, other industrial organizations and suppliers we are trying to raise our environmental standards all together.

All our employees and contractors in our workplaces work collaboratively to achieve this policy goal. Each management is responsible for taking the necessary actions regarding their own operations.

Enviromental Friendly Production

Fersan Tekstil with the respect and sensitivity to human and humanitarian values in all areas of operation, show the same sensitivity about environmental pollution. Our brand acting very responsibly from the very first phase of production to the delivery of the product takes any and all measures about energy saving and insures controlling thereof constantly.

Fersan Tekstil preferring the natural one in all products / materials used in production minimizes the environmental pollution and harmful effects to human health at very first phase of production. In this sense, Fersan Tekstil complying with all international and national laws and regulations in order to prevent and mitigate environmental pollution conducts its production with the technology and methods minimizing the consumption of natural resources.

Fersan Tekstil reusing all wastes occurred before and after production by recycling has been an exemplary brand with its environmental friendly preferences and technologies at all times, and shall continue to act in the same manner.

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