Beylikdüzü Headquarters

Fersan Tekstil provides its services at Beylikduzu headquarters with 410 employees 50 of whom being administrative personnel, to Turkey and the World, to present the quality and reliability of Fersan Tekstil.

Circular Knitting

Although the actual quantity depends on the quality of the fabric, Fersan Tekstil produces 150-350 kg of tube fabric nearly depending on the quality of the product.

Çorlu Factory

Fersan tekstil operating in the factory building with total area of 48000 m2 provides significant employment for the country and the region. Fersan Tekstil employs 1 Environment Engineer, 2 Textile Engineers and 1 Mechanical Engineer besides 200 skilled employees.
Fersan tekstil continues to produce 750 tons of 100% polyester fabric monthly through its 180 knitting machines. Fersan applying quality control on all of its products from the beginning to the end sends such products to the domestic and export markets.

Production Line

Fersan Tekstil dyes all of 750 tons of fabrics produced with 180 machines in the factory. The products are dyed in the qualities and colors as per the requirements of the customers, and the process is accelerated and products are delivered quickly thanks to 4 professional Stenter Machines owned by the Company.

Quality Control

Fersan Tekstil as one of the few entities conducting self-examinations in-house controls any gram of the products produced by working on 7/24 basis. 28 tons of goods average per day and 750 tons of fabric average per month is tested and delivered to our customers with the reliability of Fersan Tekstil


Maximum 10 tons of raising is conducted as per the request of the Customer. Raising as an important and sensitive phase of production is conducted reliably and accurately by Fersan Tekstil without any harm to the fabrics.

Dyeing House

Our technical infrastructure allowing us to apply all colors as per the request of the customer thanks to our broad range of colors allows us to provide natural and healthy dyeing services to the customers.
Fersan Tekstil provide services through our kiers with 50 kg, 100 kg, 200 kg, 500 kg, 600 kg and 1 ton of capacities in accordance with the size of the order and never compromises from the quality and the standards.


We produce our products in compliance with the standards of Europe, SGS and EKOTEKS without any harm to human. Laboratory process conducted under the supervision of 1 Expert engineer and 4 Chemists starts with selection and determination of the color by the customer, and ends with production thereof by the expert personnel in the required quantity.
Spectrometer is used to check whether the produced color matches with the color of the sample of the customer. The production shall start only after the colors are matched positively by the spectrometer.

SGS Laboratory

In our SGS Laboratory, the expert personnel are hired, and they conduct controls at every phase of the production process.

Raw Fabric Warehouse

All dyed fabrics collected in the central warehouse are sent to Anatolia, Europe and Russia within due times as per the requests of the Customers.
In our raw fabric warehouse we conduct warehousing works for 2000 tons of capacity.


Thanks to more than 350 fabric samples in our showroom we are able to provide the opportunity to our clients to pick the appropriate fabrics conveniently.

Open-width Circular Knitting

We produce 4 tons of fabrics daily for t-shirts and sweat suits with our open-width circular knitting machine park containing 14 machines.

Electronic Jacquard Circular Knitting

Any and all designs designed or established in accordance with the client’s sample are realized in the electronic jacquard circular knitting machine

Flat Knitting

We produce 6000 kg of fabric daily at full capacity with our 12 machines.

Design and R&D

3 expert graphic analysts and designers design exclusive designs and based on the client’s specifications and requests in Fersan Tekstil.

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