Message From The Chairman

Success Brings Growth

We, Fersan Tekstil, realized our objective of being a well-known brand in our area of operation by fighting for the values in which we believe and by working hard. The indispensable principles of business life is to be swift, honest and having principle. Our most important principles since 1982 in which we started to produce knitted fabrics are honesty, investing in human capital, and showing respect to people.

With the consciousness that the secret formula of the successful entities is to consider the customers as guests and to approach the employees with humanitarian sensitivity, we feel the honor of carrying the same fundamental principles from yesterday to present day and to further improve then.

As we benefit from the advantages being a family owned company we give special importance to institutionalization studies, efficiency analyses, R&D studies, restructuring in management and personal development of all employees at all levels especially through training programs. “Success brings Growth and growth means change.”

It is not sufficient only to have quality services and goods in the information age in which the information flow is so quick. Besides the quality standard of the product, it should be affordable and timely delivered, and the plans about the products should be realized without any delay. Our aim, as Fersan Tekstil, is to provide better life quality for people and to conduct the duties assigned to us. We aim at establishing strategies adopting the new world markets constantly changing and developing and to grow by investing in the new areas.

In addition to the investments in the new machines with the following of the latest technological advancements, it is of great importance to invest in the human resources to make such investments more meaningful. Our firm achieves to reflect its customer oriented service understanding with the aim and the corporate identity of the Company through joining it with the information and experience in the industry thanks to well-educated, talented management staff and experienced employees.

Sadık AĞCA

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