Vision & Mission


To render services, produce goods at the 1st class quality and to retain our place in the market with the innovative production process at the prevalent standards in the world and Turkey thanks to our technical infrastructure keeping up with the information and technology age at all times, our technical/ management staff having innovative and strategic perspective, and by aiming at unconditional customer satisfaction.

To meet all requirements of the customers by industry, with systematic working in all areas including customer expectations, market expectations, technologic following, innovative steps, right management moves and individual success, and to meet the world standards in conducting such works, including the technological innovations to the quality of the products, in order to continue production-customer-management triangle successfully.

Quality Policy

Fersan Tekstil as being the reference company with its superior quality in the industry uses the natural resources and company sources efficiently and effectively by acting with ultimate sensitivity to the environmental pollution subject. Fersan Tekstil produces the most quality product; without any permanent damages to the air, water, soil and underground fully in accordance with the international norms and standards.

Fersan Tekstil always aims at being the leader in quality and all areas in order to deliver the requirements of the customers on time and fully, by following the technology closely and providing services at the world standards, and prepares the required foundation in order to improve the human resource to insure the skilled persons to be available for the industry, and to insure the continuance in the industry, and to reveal the potentials of the employees

Fundamental Values

Fersan Tekstil considering business ethic and humanitarian virtues as parts of the whole designs its customer focused services and initiations based on technology, information and data as long term and short term. Our firm establishing all plans systematically adopts honesty, respect to humanity, contribution to social life, liability to respond the needs by adopting the age, and non-compromise from the quality, as its duties.

Fersan Tekstil adopting constant growth principle in team working for being the leader of change considers being the pioneer in the sector and to provide the best service to its customers in its top priority goals, as it did yesterday.

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